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Reviews Of Dr. Gonzales & Dante Gonzales Orthodontics Of Dublin & Tracy, CA

5-Star-Rated Dublin & Tracy Orthodontist & Orthodontics Office Transforming Smiles In Dublin, Tracy, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, Livermore, Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro & Fremont, California (CA)

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Dr. Gonzales and his staff are wonderful. This is the one place where can honestly be myself each and every time. I’m so excited to see my new smile for the 2nd time. 🙂 Thanks so much guys! You are all amazing!!

Kathleen H.best dublin ca orthodontist

Everyone is so helpful and kind. I would recommend this office to everyone. Dr. Gonzales will fix anything on any day…emergency, he will come in and fix it

Susan L.best dublin ca orthodontist

The Smith family loves this office! I am so thankful my kids get to go to Dr Gonzales! Thanks for making us feel so special every time we walk in the door.

Laurie S.best dublin ca orthodontist

Best orthodontic office in the bay area!!

Colleen R.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales and his team always gave excellent service.  Staff is very friendly and always made my daughter feel relaxed.  She has a beautiful smile. Thank you!

Tammy F.best dublin ca orthodontist

I couldn’t be happier with choosing this Orthodontist! Dr. G, Becky & Sabrina are THE BEST!!! They make such a great experience, every time we come we look forward to the visit! My kids were excited to get their braces off but sad they’ll miss Sabrina. Becky & Sabrina have a genuine way of connecting with heir patients.

The process to check in is fast, never experienced a long wait. The office is clean and organized. It’s nice to know that they can make retainers on the spot too!

Mel J.best dublin ca orthodontist

We had our first visit / consultation today and I couldn’t be more pleased with this office. Not only was it clean and easy to find but everyone in the office was so wonderful and friendly. Diana, Daisy and Giovanna were all awesome. My son Taylor left feeling confident and excited about getting braces, that alone made the visit worth while. Dr. Gonzales is amazing and very friendly. A very competent practitioner. The assistants are all great and attentive to your needs. This office is the best. Thank you so much for making us feel special. I would highly recommend this office to everyone.

David C.best dublin ca orthodontist

Both myself and my son were treated by Dr. Dante Gonzales and his staff. We are very happy with the results! Everyone in the office is very nice. Their office is clean and modern. Never waited too long for an appointment and scheduling appointments was easy. Highly recommend !

Michelle M.best dublin ca orthodontist

When you rate a business as 5 stars, it means they are so good that there’s practically no way for them to improve. Dr. Gonzales and his staff are a 5-star business.

The Treatment: Staff is gentle and highly competent. What’s great is that not only do they know what to do, they explain why they’re doing it. For example, we’re putting these rubber bands here to correct your bite in this way, or we aren’t taking an x-ray this time because you just had one last month. This comes from the top: Dr. Gonzales sat down with me after each visit to make sure all my questions got answered.

The Pricing: Possibly one of the best parts of getting your braces here. It’s a one-time flat fee, no matter how long the treatment ends up taking. Even after I took 2 years longer than estimated, I never felt like they were rushing me and the quality of each visit stayed high. Also, IIRC there’s no fee for replacing brackets that fall off — and it happens to the best of us, so this made treatment a lot less stressful.

The Facilities: Dr. Gonzales’s office is clean and has nice decorations. Restroom has always been clean when I used it. Sometimes they play movies in the treatment area.

The Extras: Lots of nice little touches. Just off the top of my head:

– Patients get invited to a picnic with inflatables every summer!
– They donate to local schools and sports teams, and make sure you know it by plastering the teams’ pictures/stickers/thank-you letters all over the office.
– Free coffee from the Keurig machine near the reception area.
– They keep toothbrushes and toothpaste in case you’re coming from school/work.
– Dr. Gonzales is super dedicated. He will bend over backwards if that’s what it takes to keep your treatment on schedule.

Overall: Although I would not get braces again because they suck, Dr. Gonzales made my experience as stress-free as it could get. This is the place to go if you need orthodontics.

Kevin C.best dublin ca orthodontist

Wow! We just had our initial consultation and I must say this office is first class. The staff is incredibly friendly and made my 12 year old daughter feel very comfortable. From start to finish this office has the system down! Coffee while you wait, video games for restless kids should you need it, a very clean waiting room, and plenty of pictures on the wall of happy patients! When we were brought back to start the consultation (which was on time), we were given a welcome bag with a coffee mug (the key to my heart)! My daughter had pictures taken of her teeth and everything was explained clearly by Dr. Dante. I didn’t feel obligated to say yes to anything, however, we couldn’t say no and my daughter is already scheduled to have her braces put on next week! All in all, this office will be home every 6-8 weeks for the next couple of years so it’s nice to know these appointments will be enjoyable and friendly!

Tina P.best dublin ca orthodontist

I am an adult with braces on the bottom who recently relocated from the East Coast. I interviewed three orthodontist to continue and complete my care. Doctor Gonzales seemed like the best fit for me. It quickly became clear my experience here with the staff and doctor where nothing like I had experienced before. They take the act of service and take it to the next level! I have continually been surprised at the level of care I have received from the Doctor and all the staff. Everyone is willing and eager to help around every bend.

Upon starting care I was brand new to the area and did not have anyone to watch my children during my appointment. I have twin four year olds and obviously taking them to the orthodontist with me did not sound like a fun adventure. The staff was absolutely amazing by making the kids feel welcomed, appreciated and comfortable. Another example I can give is I had major unexpected surgery. The day after arriving home from the hospital I had beautiful flowers delivered from Dr. Gonzales and Staff. This act of kindness and generosity was so touching it brought tears to my eye. You can tell they genuinely care about their patients.

Truly I am unable to put into words how happy I am to be a patient here. The Doctor gives amazing care and the staff absolute spoils you.

K L.best dublin ca orthodontist

Where to start.
Dr Dante: kind, helpful, patient, knows his stuff
Office: all front desk folks are dedicated, super helpful, they smile and greet you. The office is technologically savvy, well laid out, good magazines, they have a coffee bar…What more could I want?

I brought my son in for an eval. This was the third ortho eval we got.
This was the first place to catch my son was missing permanent teeth and explain the cross bite situation in a way that made good clear sense. And their prices were right in line with the other place. There is no upsell just good xrays and honest talk. So we went with them.
His teeth look amazing. Not one complaint. I also had a bite guard made for me. Happy.
And my second son will be here in a year.

Jennifer H.best dublin ca orthodontist

I am very thankful our family dentist provided us with a referral to Dr. Gonzales and his great staff. My daughter got her braces 2 years ago and our son is getting his today. We have had nothing but a great experience here.

Our daughter was 4 when she got hers, I thought it would be traumatic due to her age. It was not. Everything was carefully explained to us. Every thing they did throughout the 1 year she had her braces on, I was kept well informed. The most important thing to me was that my daughter was happy. She loves coming here. There are games for the kids to play. The have contests for the kids all the time. They win gift cards, T.V.s, and other fun stuff. I don’t know if the prices are higher here but I don’t credit because my kids and I are happy.

My son is at ease because his little has been coming here. He is looking forward to his turn. All the contest, he is competitive. Lol. I am extremely at ease because we have been coming here for a while so I know he will be fine.

Financially they worked with me on no interest payments. I don’t have $4,000 laying round so that really helps. The direct debit for me. So I don’t get a bill and have to mail a check.

I have a few friends to bring their kids here. They are happy too.

Sabrina C.best dublin ca orthodontist

It just keeps getting better! I wish they had 100+++ stars. I’m traveling this week. It’s a holiday weekend coming up. Of course after a 19 hour drive with 2 kids and 2 dogs my sons metal bracket breaks 3 states away.

Never fear I have unlimited calls. I just picked up the phone at 5:45 pm and got Becky our very favorite and ever pleasant hygienist.

She was instantly there on speaker to talk us thru how to remove the non broken side to get our son back into action. She also suggested that we could go to an ortho up here but since she talked us thru step by step on how to get it out we were successful.

I’m always impressed with this office and its staff, but tonight I feel like they are part of the family! Thank you shout out to Becky, I truly think we need to start inviting you to family functions.

I continue to shout it from the roof tops… This doctor and his staff are AMAZING! If you are looking for a treatment plan and a team of experts to help you with you families ortho needs this is the place for you.

Cole N.best dublin ca orthodontist

I can’t even begin to describe how outstanding Dr. Gonzales and his team are. I originally took my 10 year old son in for an exam as he will be needing braces. I was so impressed with their expertise and wonderful bedside manner, that I decided to speak to them about Invisalign for me. The process was easy, always thoroughly explained, and they treated me like I was the only patient. Everyone in the office–from the front desk to the techs, are so kind and friendly. I’m really going to miss having appointments, but glad my son will be starting a treatment plan with them soon. They are highly recommended for orthodontic needs!

Shereen K.best dublin ca orthodontist

My daughter had to have serial extractions before even thinking of getting braces. We had visits with Dr. Gonzales for about a year to see how her teeth were looking and what teeth needed to be pulled and so on. You would never know that she doesn’t have all of her adult teeth!!! She only had to have braces for about 2 years and during that time Dr. Gonzales and his staff were nothing but nice and patient. They always worked with me financially and other wise. I really appreciate the doctor and his staff for making this the best experience! I will go to them again for my teen and myself!!!

Marissa W.best dublin ca orthodontist

We are extremely pleased with Dr. Gonzales and his wonderful staff. He and his staff are patient and understanding and they make my son feel completely at ease. They make every visit stress-free and fun for siblings who have to wait in the waiting room too! *thumbs up* Thank you!!!

Betty W.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales has been treating my son for a few years now. We chose him as he offered the least invasive approach to correcting my son’s teeth (hence the “few years”). He and his staff are the best, and they make orthodontic care “fun” by offering contests, patient events, and games to play while waiting. The wait is never long, though.

Stephenie K.best dublin ca orthodontist

Love this place! Office staff are all very friendly and helpful. They always have a smile on their faces. My daughter is in her second phase of treatment and I love the results already! They are very patient and understanding to her needs, I recommend everyone come to this office if your looking for a professional, kid friendly environment.

Monica B.best dublin ca orthodontist

Thank you so much. I love my new smile! Everyone here is so nice and friendly and they really made my treatment as pleasant as it could possibly be. I definitely recommend everyone to see Dr. Gonzales if they want exceptional orthodontic care. Thank again everyone!!

Melia S.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales and his staff are truly outstanding. They have an excellent manner with children, while being extremely competent and professional. I would feel comfortable recommending their services to anyone.

George C.best dublin ca orthodontist

I’m a patient, very satisfied with Dr Dante Gonzales and his staff. Everyone from the front office to the medical staff is very friendly and extremely professional. I was warmly welcomed from Day 1, got recommended a treatment that works very well, Invisalign, and always get the best customer service. Highly recommended, thanks!

Frederic P.best dublin ca orthodontist

Great, staff, very friendly. Doctor Gonzales is a true gentlemen. He really has taken great care of our son and has gone out of his way to take care of him. I highly recommend this office for treatment.

Rima K.best dublin ca orthodontist

If you’re looking for a gentle, attentive, caring office, then Dr. Gonzales is who you need to go to. I went in for a consultation and had braces on the next day. He took his time to explain all my options and was less than 1/2 the cost than another orthodontist. He called me the day after to see how I was doing and even gave me his personal cell phone to contact him if I need anything. His office is high tech with the latest technology and you’re treated like the most important patient.

Heather C.best dublin ca orthodontist

First non-restaurant review on yelp, but feel like the folks at Dr. Gonzales’s office more than deserve the recognition.

Where myself, my younger brother, and even my mother have come in for the past 7+ years for our orthodontic needs, we all have had nothing but great visits every time. Quite a feat considering how much we’ve all come in at different times!

Dr. Gonzales is extremely thorough and considerate (esp for a sucker who can’t stand mouth pain like me), as well as his staff. My mom, who’s had more work than anyone I know with a serious case of crossbite untreated for years, will never stop raving about Coleen, who has more than 25 years of experience and the softest touch for a sensitive mouth.
Even past braces and just coming in for annual checkups, they never make us feel unappreciated despite our main services being completed.
Will be lifelong patients, and would definitely recommend to anyone searching for ortho work.

Nayoun K.best dublin ca orthodontist

My teen age daughters have both had braces put on by Dr. Gonzales and now it is my turn so this review is based on recent experiences on myself. I have been late to both my appts and the front receptionist person has always been super understanding and said not to worry when I called in a panic, the lady I worked on the finance plan was so sweet and gave me tons of information on what my options were and told me about her own braces experience since we both had the same overbite problem, the girl who put my braces on was AMAZING! I wish I remembered her name ( 25 years old, very pretty with black curly hair) she was so sweet and did a great job on making me comfortable and informed on what she was doing and was super gentle, Dr. Gonzales is always very welcoming, of course knows what he is doing and even called the night I got my braces to see how I was doing! I am really impressed with all the newest gadgets they use and in fact have already referred a few new patients to them! This is truly an amazing team and look forward to working with them all for the next 12-14 months!

Jordi S.best dublin ca orthodontist

I want to add my voice to this chorus of glowing reviews for Dr. Dante and his wonderful team. Yes, the office is fun and state-of-the-art (I think the bathroom is especially cool), and there’s always some exciting give-away or promotion going on. Yup, it’s clear that Dr. Dante and staff know what they’re doing and are up on all the latest advances in the world of orthodontia—something I really appreciate! Everyone is definitely helpful, professional, and knowledgable. And my teeth are falling into alignment very nicely and, thanks to propel, very quickly! These are all great things, things that make each office visit very enjoyable.

But it doesn’t stop there.

I think it’s important to note that this is a really extraordinary group of kind and caring individuals. Underlying the helpfulness and professionalism is a genuine spirit of generosity, and a very real desire, as a team, to be uplifting and to be of service to each other, to their patients, to their community and beyond. It’s nothing short of inspiring, really. I get the feeling they never lose sight of their three goals: to change lives, to advance their profession and to support their community.

I am honored to have been chosen by these terrific folks as the recipient of their brand new “Smile Makeover” program (ask them!). Diana called me with this good news in early December, and now every day I wake up feeling so grateful and humbled and happy. Talk about uplifting! I’m getting married in April and since I’m no spring chicken, at age 58, I’m delighted knowing that, even though I probably won’t make the cover of Vogue, Wedding Edition, I will be really, really happy with my smile that day. And I know I’ll be smiling a LOT! (Imagine finding the love of your life at this age? How great is that?!?! But I digress…)

Here’s the thing. I always look forward to my visits to Dr. Dante’s office, knowing I’ll leave feeling better than I did when I came in, not only because I know I’m getting top-notch care,the finest care around, but because I get to spend a little time with some of the finest, cream-of-the-crop people around. Couldn’t ask for more!

Judy B.best dublin ca orthodontist

Everyone on the team is so nice and friendly, they make it enjoyable to go to the orthodontist! My family has been coming for years and we love it. They have the best customer service, I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

Hayden C.best dublin ca orthodontist

I’ve been coming here for 4 months now, I am very happy with their service. Their staff is very professional and caring, they greet you with a smile the moment you walk in. The office has a great Aura! I have been taken care of by both Becky and Cynthia.. I have been completely happy with both. They make sure your doing great throught every process. Overall.. Im very Happy with the service! 5 stars everything is perfect!

Marlen A.best dublin ca orthodontist

We couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience for our daughter as she begins her journey toward a beautiful smile. Dr. Gonzales and his staff are both extremely patient and caring, despite having an eight-year-old in the chair that won’t stop talking as her new braces are put on. We can’t thank them enough for ensuring that our daughter continues to look forward to her visits to the orthodontist!

Ann M.best dublin ca orthodontist

I had braces as an adult and I can honesty recommend Dr. Gonzales and his staff on so many levels. I have been to several Orthodontic offices in Livermore and Dublin and found this office truly means what they say. ANY office can tell you they are the best, offer the most, have the fanciest decorations, server bigger cookies, coffee etc. But if what you care about is a doctor that “really” knows what he is doing and when you go back you are seeing him “I Highly Recommend” Dr. Gonzales. His fees are fair, when given the fee of another office (that seemed to only care about under cutting him) Dr. Gonzales explained why his fee was what it was. AGAIN, very fair. This office is well balanced for adults and children.

Dr. Gonzales and your Team should get a “10 Rating”

D D.best dublin ca orthodontist

I waited a long time to write my review. This will be long so for a quick summary go to Dr. G. He and his team are amazing, wonderful and caring people.

As it goes I have always been distrustful of dentists/orthodontists. I grew up pretty broke and was a broke college student which led me to use not such great dentists/orthodontists.

In August 2008 I went to an orthodontist because I began having jaw pain. I was a broke college student so I went with what I could afford. I had an under bite, cross bite and a bunch of stuff wrong with my mouth. I was told I was not a surgical case(I did my research for under bites) and began treatment at this other place. I am still considering taking action against this place but let’s just say if you are poor and with no dental insurance this is generally a place you would go.

Fast forward to early 2011 and I was told I WAS a surgical case and they wanted me to sign a waiver saying my braces would come off(I already paid in full with payments at this point). They did not work with a surgical team and basically told me I was SOL. I had a gap between my lower teeth AND my under bite and cross bite were still there. I did not even get rubber bands but my “treatment” was “over”.

At this point I was pretty heartbroken. I was positive I would just be in pain and be in braces forever. My husband had a job with dental insurance at this point and insisted a tried to find another place close by to finish my dental treatments. I checked yelp and decided why not just give him a try.

On 8/22/2011 I met with Dr. G. The first thing I asked was if he did work with a surgeon and he told me yes but he did not feel I would need surgery. This was great news to me as I am terrified of surgical procedures but I was skeptical. I was pretty sure I would get the same end results. Hesitantly I paid for it and started work. To be quite frank at this point I felt like I just threw away a bunch of money.

I have really stubborn teeth so they did not want to move. I also gave birth to a premature infant early in 2012 so my compliance with rubber bands at that point was pretty awful which probably prolonged my treatment. I can say though that with a little bit of extra time my teeth are straight but more importantly my under bite is gone, my cross bite is gone and my jaw pain is also gone. My faith in dental care providers has been somewhat restored. Then again I hope Dr. G is still practicing when my son is older if he will need orthodontics because in all honesty he would be the ONLY Ortho I would trust with my baby’s mouth.

If you did the math I’ve been in braces for 5 years and 8 months. Dr G was able to actually FIX my issues in the same amount of time(actually less but you know) I had at the other place and it probably would have been a lot faster if I was more compliant when I gave birth to my son.

Other than that I have been seen by Angelina, Colleen and Becky for adjustments and each of them has been so kind and warm at every single visit. They make you feel at ease while tightening everything up. Dr. G himself has always been kind as well. The receptionists are also extremely friendly and courteous.

Dr. G- also ignoring what insurance paid for- was also marginally more expensive than the other place. If I could turn back time I would have gone to him from the beginning and been done with treatment in 2.5 years(possibly faster as I wouldn’t have had a tiny infant). The amount of money it would have costed more initially would have a ton cheaper than what I actually lost by going to that other place. My happiness with the care I received here goes beyond what I ever could have expected.

I will actually miss coming here and I urge anyone looking for an orthodontist to go here. You’ll save money and time. You will also be treated like a human being instead of a dollar sign. You won’t have to wait hours past your appointment time to be seen either.

Niki H.best dublin ca orthodontist

My husband doesn’t yelp so I’m doing it for him. He saw Dr. Gonzales for braces; my dentist referred him to Dr. Gonzales as they know each other from dental school. My husband has a very complicated dental situation, with shifting teeth in his 40’s, history of oral surgery, and a stunning lack of compliance to treatment recommendations. Husband’s teeth gradually shifted and straightened out, relieving the jaw pain he was having and improving his bite and appearance. The braces were on longer than expected because of my husband’s complex dental issues, but it was the right thing to do, his teeth look great now. He listened to husband’s concerns of permanent versus removable retainer and helped him make a good choice regarding what would work best and make my husband happy. The office staff are accommodating and pleasant. We have no knowledge of his treatment of children, but for adults, we recommend him, he did a great job, cost was expected. We even got a present at the end of treatment, which sounds silly, but after over a year of braces, it was a very sweet gesture and made my husband feel like a good patient, even though he wasn’t always one.

Rebecca H.best dublin ca orthodontist

I took a chance and called Dr. Gonzales’ office about 4 or 5 years ago after receiving an advertising mailer. 🙂 I usually go by personal referral through friends or family, but I was looking for someone in the Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon area that was super local since I knew ortho work often required lots of visits. At the time, Dr. G had just opened his new office in Dublin, and they’ve since made lots of nice additions.

The initial consultation was as others described. I got a tour of the office, a full set of 360 x-rays (state-of-the-art technology not seen in every office), and a 1:1 consultation with recommendations. I ended up doing Invisalign, was in and out in 14 months, and my teeth still look great! It’s been 3+ years since treatment, and they still follow up to have me come in every 6 months or so to make sure my retainers are doing their job! This is the amazing part – 3+ years later, and they haven’t charged me a dime for follow up appointments! Wow.

They also changed the type of my retainers 3 times after my treatment was done, because my teeth didn’t want to stay put. They did not charge me extra to change, and cared about making sure I had the right retainers in the end. I did end up buying the Vivera retainers from Invisalign after all was said and done, but that was money well spent, and I think the price charged all went directly to Invisalign, so they weren’t charging me a premium. They made me 2 different sets of retainers for free first before I settled on those. I have issues with clenching my jaw at night, so it saved me a good many crowns (think $$$), not to mention my teeth, to get the right retainers as well. Much appreciated.

Very sweet staff, easy appointments, and a job well done in the end. Very happy with the service I received. Thanks guys. 🙂

Heather W.best dublin ca orthodontist

Having treatment done right now and im sooo happy im going to them. Everyone is wonderful im never in there over 30mins. Check up, bands changed with color, next appointment and im out the staff is wonderful. As a adult I was vety skeptical about how they would treat me and that was not the issue they laugh joke and every time make me feel comfortable.
This office interacts with the patients like no other office I’ve seen they make me pick my color bands every time I think im too old but I pick and feel great about it.. Contest, prizes trips and the whole 9 yards. For patients appreciation day the took ever one plus 4 family members to the A’s game its just a great office.
Im proud to say im finishing treatment in less than 2 mos and my son will be starting treatment next month

L W.best dublin ca orthodontist

My experience has been absolutely great with Dr Dante Gonzales. He is highly experienced and you can be rest assured that your children are in safe hands. His team provides a superb customer experience making you feel heard and very flexible to meet your needs whether relating to care or with how they manage payments.

My son had an emergency last week and I called up Dr Dante and explained the situation. Dr Dante didn’t hesitate for one moment, he was in his office taking care of my son within 15 mins – this just demonstrates the level of care you will get from Dr Dante Gonzales – total satisfaction are the two words I can describe my experience.

Navaid K.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales and his staff are the best around. Before I decided to go to them I checked out a few other offices and by far they are the best. Their office is quite modern and state of the art. Everything is clean and very family friendly.

As a adult getting braces I was quite embarrassed about it but they always were positive and happy. Colleen has been with me from the beginning by putting on my brackets to taking them off and let me tell you she is the best around. She always explains everything that is happening and she is very gentle when she is doing her work in there.

In 20 months Dr. Gonzales and his staff totally transformed my smile and now I smile so much more then before. If you are looking for a Dublin orthodontist I would totally recommend them.

Jen Y.best dublin ca orthodontist

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gonzales. He is very personable & very caring. I am not interested in how he treats me, but how he treats my kids…and honestly he treats us all very well!! Both of my kids are with him now, my son for about a year & recently my daughter. My kids like him…and like that you can watch tv, most the time.
Time you wait= great
Ease of getting the date/time you want=great
Coffee= make your own single cup, choice of different flavors-this is a great feature..since sometimes it is the only relax time I get…sipping my coffee…reading magazines, while waiting for the kids.
Cost$$-probably the same as everyone else 🙂
Dr. Gonzales…thank you for all of the extra touches…and Diana has been a great addition to the front office- very friendly & sweet. Love Becky & Colleen too!

Jelly B.best dublin ca orthodontist

Where to start….. 🙂
My son, Danny, came in last Friday for his braces…..I cant begin to tell you how nervous he was :/ . As soon as he signed in, Becky came over to us, introduced herself and took him away. I got the chance to sit thru the whole thing by his side, since he was starting to freak out on them just a tad, but Dr. Gonzales and Becky took excellent care of him throughout the whole thing! Towards the end, Becky had Danny smiling, feeling at ease, talking about the kind of frozen yogurt he was going to get (we owe you a yogurt Becky! ) We have fallen completely in love with this office! The staff makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed! So glad we chose to come here!

Ally R.best dublin ca orthodontist

We have beena patient of Dr. G for about four years now. My eldest son went through full braces and is now into retainers. Now we are working with my youngest who is using some orthodontic device/retainers to correct an overbite BEFORE we put braces on. Dr. G and the office staff have always been nothing short of WONDERFUL with my boys. When my young sons retainers were a difficult fit, Dr. G sent them back to the lab to be redone without hesitation. Since my son is experiencing a lot of changes with his teeth, it is normal to have a lot of adjusting each visit with the retainers. Dr. G always takes his time to make sure they are a great fit and that my son is comfortable before he leaves the office.

The Office Staff is always on top of everything, great at returning phone calls, getting reminder calls out, etc. They even welcome the chance to support my sons school fundraisers.

Thank you Dr. Gonzales for everything. We look forward to the final stage of braces on our son and yet ANOTHER BRIGHT SMILE thanks to you!!

The Gutierrez Family

Darci G.best dublin ca orthodontist

Not sure why it took me so long to write this! Office is GREAT! Super organized and a well oiled machine which as a busy mother I can totally appreciate. Dr Gonzales also has great customer appreciation events, raffles and other good marketing ideas.Staff is nice and friendly very bubbly and professionally dressed. Office is with the times. Its obvious that Dr. Gonzales spends money back into his business which as a customer I appreciate. Bonus is my kids teeth are straight now! snicker, snicker

CJ F.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales and his staff are wonderful. They are currently treating my youngest daughter, and have successfully treated my older two children. Highly recommend anyone needing an evaluation to check their office out.

T B.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales’ office ROCKS!
We took the time to interview a number of Ortho’s before deciding on Dr Gonzales. First impressions-His office was clean, he was nice and his staff was happy and helpful. We met with Gaby his insurance billing expert and she was the only one out of the many ortho offices who could figure out how to bill our insurance so we did not have to pay $5k for my son’s braces. We were sold. My wife, son and I are so happy we went with Dr. Gonzales.

Dr. Gonzales’ work speaks for itself-my son’s teeth went from Sponge Bob to perfection. His staff continues to be helpful and happy. An indication of how well an office is ran is how happy the staff is…well done Dr. Gonzales….well done.

George B.best dublin ca orthodontist

I just got braces on my bottom teeth and Dr. Gonzales did an amazing job putting them on. The staff was so friendly ( Becky who helped the doc with my braces was super nice!) everyone was so helpful! I would really recommend Dr. Gonzales’ office for your orthodontic needs. Arjun (age 9)

Arjun J.best dublin ca orthodontist

I can’t say enough about Dr. Gonzales and his staff! They are always friendly, professional and helpful. We have been working with them for nine months now and it has gone smoother than I expected. There are always appointments available after school so I don’t need to pull my son out. They offered a payment plan which was particularly helpful. I recommend Dr. Gonzales to anyone who asks. He is terrific!

Maria Teresa R.best dublin ca orthodontist

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Searched for all Orthos around the Tri-Valley and when I went to Dr. Dante Gonzales’ clinic I found my heart in this Ortho and finally decided to settle in this Ortho. The service was really nice. I like the touch screen check in and the front desk ladies are really nice and are very helpful. There was no long wait on my appointment , it was right on the scheduled time. No delays. The instruments are really updated and are very high-tech. The moment I talked to Dr. Dante about my Ortho treatment plan, I can really see the heart in him. He is into giving away freebies , NOT overcharging , he even sometimes charge for FREE (how awesome is that) on some issues, he is like “Santa Claus” dentist of the Tri-Valley. He is very generous. Diana knows how to help you financially in paying for the bill. Really really really wonderful Ortho! It’s all worth it!!

Krizzia C.best dublin ca orthodontist

My daughter has completed her orthodontic treatment with Dr. Gonzales and I am 100% satisfied!!!!! Her teeth look awesome and her smile is so beautiful !She is a competitive dancer and this is huge while she is on stage and constantly smiling. Dr. Gonzales and his staff have been just great in every way, They are always happy and make you feel at home weather you wish to go to the chair with your child or wait in the waiting room. The office has both video games and contests to keep you occupied if you have wait and they offer coffee and hot chocolate at all times. We are very pleased and I would recommend Dr. Gonzales over and over and am thankful I choose him to care for my daughter.

DJ F.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales and all his staff are always very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. My 3 kids have gone to him and they all love him. He is very generous to the community and has donated to their teams when we needed it. Their always work fast, helpful in accommodating busy schedules and knowledgeable and give the kids lots of good information so that they can be successful with there ortho regimen. Not to mention his office is way cool and a visit the kids look forward. His evaluations/recommendations are fair and he offers very flexible payment options and plans. I never feel that he is price gouging as I have with other offices.

Annie F.best dublin ca orthodontist

We could not be more delighted with Dr. Gonzales and his entire staff!! Having a child who has likely had one of the more difficult experiences with braces, specifically, being unable to keep his hands off of them and thus causing us during the first several months to have to visit the office, literally, on an almost weekly basis… I can honestly share that we were never made to feel it was a problem. It was embarrassing for both myself and my son to have to be going in “yet again”… But, he truly was always encouraged to hang in… So appreciate the friendly demeanor of Colleen, Amanda and all the others!

You can see that Dr. Gonzales has an appreciation for not only his clients, but his staff, too. It’s apparent in the way they all seem to enjoy their job and the environment in which they work. I feel a tremendous amount of respect for a business owner who creates this type of environment.

Truly can’t recommend them highly enough!!

Bonny B.best dublin ca orthodontist

Something is wrong here. Not once was someone crabby or rude to me during the 2+ years I visited Dr. Gonzales’ office. In fact everyone was incredibly welcoming and delightful during my appointments. Dr. Gonzales is a great person with the patience of a saint. When I found that Invisalign wasn’t working for me (I needed traditional braces I couldn’t remove and forget to put back in), Dr. Gonzales changed my course of treatment without reservation, judgment or annoyance. In fact he tried to assuage my nervousness with humor. He’s a genuinely good guy (not to mention hard-working and progressive) with a great aptitude for straightening teeth. I love mine now! I also have to give a special shout-out to Becky. Her great sense of humor and sincerity made my visits so much more enjoyable than they should have been. She made me feel like I was in caring hands and was ready to act as my advocate when she sensed I was unsure about 1 particular tooth. Thank you all for being the best at what you do!

Kelly M.best dublin ca orthodontist

I can’t say enough stellar things about Dr. Gonzales and his assistant, Colleen. As an adult patient of his for the past 2+ years, I have received the absolute highest quality of care, unbelievable committment and creative resourcefulness with my case. His entire team is extremely friendly, helpful, and enjoyable. I had an incredibly difficult case, which included upper and lower jaw surgery, and the outcome has been amazing. Every step of the way, Dr. G and Colleen were patient, honest and forthcoming about options, and clearly cared as much about my treatment as I did. Even with my treatment over, both Dr. G and Colleen are still hard at work, ensuring my retainers are just right and that after care is of the same high quality as the ongoing treatment. I will continue to refer patients to Dr. G and will say for anyone researching orthodontists for themselves or their children, look no further!

Megan A.best dublin ca orthodontist

So I got my first set of braces done by a dental office that I will not mention (ABC DENTAL) and to say the least they did a less than satisfactory job. My wife found Dr. Gonzales’ office and booked and appointment for a free consultation. Initially speaking, the staff (all of them including Dr. Gonzales) we all hospitable and informative. They explained the “proper” process and went over a game plan that would best suite my needs and my lifestyle. I now have new braces and am on the way a beautiful smile!! Thanks Dr. Gonzales and ladies for being to fun and accommodating… See you at my next appointment!! I want that iPad 3!!

Andrew L.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr Gonzales was highly recommended from the dean of his orthodontic school…which honestly is a great endorsement…and since we live in Dublin we were so happy he was in our backyard! Our son had seen another orthodontist who was so obnoxious and extremely disconnected to his patients and their parents. Our daughter also had a much more complex case so we wanted someone we would be happy with since it would be a longer term relationship. We were upfront with our concerns and Dr Gonzales was extremely professional, knowledgable and sensitive for the duration of her treatment. My husband also went to him more recently for Invisalign and loved his experience! He also has a very competent back office gal who is able to do little fixits and always tried to fit our daughter in without a scheduled appointment. We love Dr Gonzales and have referred others there who love him too 🙂

Marie P.best dublin ca orthodontist

I have been a patient of Dr. Gonzales and his staff since March of 2006. I initially was seen at his San Leandro location for a consultation because I was looking into getting braces. I live in San Jose and as you can imagine, San Leandro is quite the distance to go for a consultation considering there are hundreds of other Orthodontists in the south bay. However, he came highly recommended by my dentist so I decided to make the trip. I don’t think I could have made a better decision. His staff all have been an absolute delight, and I have been seen in all 3 of his locations including Dublin and Walnut Creek. I was given the option of saving a considerable amount on my braces as well because I chose to pay for the full treatment upfront. I continue to be seen every so often at the Dublin location to make sure my teeth have not shifted and that everything looks good. Today, Dr. Gonzales was so kind as to give a donation with a huge box of toothbrushes for a Christmas charity I’m currently accepting donations for. As wonderful as Dr. Gonzales and his staff are, I must admit I have my favorites. Those would be Gabby, Amanda and Colleen. I think Gabby may no longer be there sadly, however Amanda and Colleen are Awesome, I adore them! I still crack up to this day how soft spoken Dr. Gonzales is, I would tease him how I sometimes couldn’t hear what the heck he was saying! He has been a life saver when it comes to my teeth and I am forever grateful. Keep up the amazing work all of you!!

Janina G.best dublin ca orthodontist

Wow! Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Gonzales and his staff. They have gone above and beyond what I would ever expect at an orthodontic office. Thank you all for taking such good care of me and my son!

Laurie S.best dublin ca orthodontist

Dr. Gonzales and his staff are the absolute best. You won’t be disappointed. Look no further.

Julie M.best dublin ca orthodontist

We initially choose to try out Dr. Gonzales from our pediatrics’s recommendation since it was close to our home. What a great choice!

My wife took my 6 year old daddy’s girl in for the evaluations and I was able to virtually be there with the detailed reports he and his staff create. When the time came to accompany my daughter for the braces, I felt very comfortable with the staff and upbeat office catered to children. It felt like being on a Carnival Cruise on the Lido deck. Now be conscious that it is sort of an assembly line since it is also a business. The other patients were lined up but everyone was entertained and relaxed enjoying the movie. That being said, Dr. Gonzales and the staff were mindful that I had to step out for a phone conference and answer emergency phone calls even though the appointment was for less than an hour. Although my daughter was scared initially, she quickly learned that the minor discomfort was not that bad. She and her siblings that don’t have braces enjoyed making a raid on the treasure chest on our way out.

As a side note, we attended his patient appreciation day at Boomers before the brace fitting which was packed with his patient families. I ran into a number of people I interact with in my professional world that gave Dr. Gonzales and his staff kudos for over the years service.

Benjamin B.best dublin ca orthodontist

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Dante Gonzales Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

5-Star-Rated Orthodontist In
Dublin & Tracy California (CA), For Braces & Invisalign
  • "Best orthodontic office in the bay area!! "

    - Colleen R.

    best dublin ca orthodontist
  • "Best orthodontic office in the bay area!! "

    - Colleen R.

    best dublin ca orthodontist
  • "The Smith family loves this office! I am so thankful my kids get to go to Dr Gonzales! Thanks for making us feel so special every time we walk in the door."

    - Laurie S.

    best dublin ca orthodontist
  • "Dr. Gonzalez and his team always gave excellent service. Staff is very friendly and always made my daughter feel relaxed. She has a beautiful smile. Thank you!"

    - Tammy F.

    best dublin ca orthodontist
  • "We are extremely pleased with Dr. Gonzales and his wonderful staff. He and his staff are patient and understanding and they make my son feel completely at ease. They make every visit stress-free and fun for siblings who have to wait in the waiting room too! *thumbs up* Thank you!!!"

    - Betty W.

    best dublin ca orthodontist
  • "Dr. Gonzales and his staff are truly outstanding. They have an excellent manner with children, while being extremely competent and professional. I would feel comfortable recommending their services to anyone."

    - George C.

    best dublin ca orthodontist
"Dr. Gonzales and his staff are truly outstanding. They have an excellent manner with children, while being extremely competent and professional. I would feel comfortable recommending their services to anyone."George C.best dublin ca orthodontist
"We are extremely pleased with Dr. Gonzales and his wonderful staff. He and his staff are patient and understanding and they make my son feel completely at ease. They make every visit stress-free and fun for siblings who have to wait in the waiting room too! *thumbs up* Thank you!!!"Betty W.best dublin ca orthodontist
"Dr. Gonzalez and his team always gave excellent service. Staff is very friendly and always made my daughter feel relaxed. She has a beautiful smile. Thank you!"Tammy F.best dublin ca orthodontist
"The Smith family loves this office! I am so thankful my kids get to go to Dr Gonzales! Thanks for making us feel so special every time we walk in the door."Laurie S.best dublin ca orthodontist
"Best orthodontic office in the bay area!! "Colleen R.best dublin ca orthodontist
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Dante Gonzales Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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